Monday, June 24, 2013

Delighting in Milestones

Look at Conner’s most recent accomplishment:

Yep, this non-verbal boy is now VERBAL!!!!!!!  And, oh, how he delights in himself when he says, “Momma”!  We, too, delight in our sweet son’s amazing accomplishment.  All glory to God, for He has done (and continues to do!) GREAT things!!!


Conner spent the day yesterday sitting in my lap in church absolutely thrilled that he could call me by name.  The shrieks that showed his delight echoed throughout the chapel.  Joyful noise indeed!


As if saying “Momma” isn’t enough, I thought I’d share with you the silliness within Conner.  He CRACKS himself up when he does this:

True story!


I’ve been working with Conner to try to say “Da-da” for Matt (he signs it, but I’m trying to get him to use his words and speak “Da-da” aloud.  Conner thinks it’s absolutely HILARIOUS to say “Momma” instead of “Da-da”.  I haven’t been able to capture Conner cracking himself up over this, but every single time I try to get Conner to mimic the sound of “Da-da”, he ALWAYS says, “Momma”, followed by laughter. Smile


Oh how we delight in this precious child of God!  Thank you, Jesus, for sharing him with us!!!

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