Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Comment That Deserves...

A post of its very own!!!
Anonymous said...

I commented on your blog a few times although I do not know God the way you do.

Out of the blew last week my own heart stopped beating and I had the kind of arrest that most people dont come back from. I was thinking of your percious Chrissie when I was being airlifted at midnight to our Capital City and I bossed my heart so that it wouldn't stop beating again. I was thinking of Chrissie and I think she may have been there amongs the angles helping on the lonely trip and I have thought of her several time since. I was dead for 45 secs and then was sent back to be with my family. It still seems so unreal to me and I think that your sweet Chrissis will make a believer out of this 52 year old Grandma you has had mixed feeling about God her entire life.

I did Boss my heart and I am home with my family as it wasn't mine time

I am in a whirlwind of emotions and at the time when I should have been thinking of my family traveling high in the sky on a dark lonely night I was thinking of Chrissie and bssing my heart.

Her life has made a difference and she is still serving a purpose.

Thinking of you all across miles,

Jo from South Australia

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 5:36:00 AM CDT

Jo, I cannot even begin to explain to you the range of emotions that your comment brought out in me and my family. I am praising God for your life, and praising Him for using Chrissie’s life to touch yours in such a profound way. I love that Chrissie’s life is a legacy that God is using to breathe life into others. In your circumstance, Jo, He breathed physical life back into your dead heart. WOW! I pray you will seek Him for eternal life as well because I REALLY want Chrissie to meet you in Heaven so that she can hug your neck and tell you how proud of you she is! (And I want to do the same!)

I truly have so many emotions and so many thoughts swirling in my brain that I’m overwhelmed to the point of not knowing what to write or say. God has been revealing some very deep Truths to me recently, really deep things about Heaven and Chrissie and scripture that I can't even begin to put the thought tornado into words just yet (hopefully some day though!).  I do have a very good feeling, Jo, that Chrissie was right there beside you as you bossed your heart, just as you stated you thought she might have been.  (I would actually love to know more about your experience.  Feel free to email me directly at 

I am truly blown away by this experience of yours, Jo. Truly. Thank you so much, Jo, for sharing this with me. We are blessed by your story, and we pray many more years for your precious life on earth, but we pray that our sweet Chrissie really WILL make a believer out of you. There’s no age too old for coming to know Christ. He is waiting for you, longing for you to know Him. Just ask Him to help you to know Him, and He will gladly make Himself known to you. He is simply waiting for you to open the door of your heart and let Him in.  Our hearts are the epicenter of life...physical life on earth as well as eternal life.  Please take good care of your heart, physically and spiritually, Jo.

“But what does it say? "The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart," that is, the word of faith we are proclaiming: That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. As the Scripture says, "Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame." For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, for, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:8-13 (emphasis mine)


FootPrints said...

wow. jo. what a beautiful post. and what a wonderful memory to share with her family. it just goes to show that god has a purpose with everyone, despite their age. that means even you. grandma jo. you still have yet to serve your purpose here on earth so god sent you back. talk with god and ask him what your purpose is. talk to god and get to know him. but dont be scared - he talks back.

Cassie said...

i have shiver-bumps going up and down my arms after reading this! Tears are forming in my eyes!

the Power and Love of the God we serve is breathe taking and beautiful!

I think of Chrissie every time i hear the songs "what faith can do" and "Safe" (Phil Wickham)

Praying for you all at Forgotten Saw! ~ Cassie

Laurel said...


Praising God for giving Jo a 2nd chance at LIFE ... Praying that she will seek Him for eternal LIFE ...

Thanks for sharing!

Yes (as Cassie said) ... Praying for you all at Forgotten Saw!

(Cassie's Mama)

Sean and Lisa said...

Powerful testimony of God's overshadowing love for us and Chrissie's precious legacy!

Dear Jo,
God loves you and is just waiting for you to run to Him. I am so thankful that you are home with your family! May God continue to woo you with His love and care. Praying for you!

Thank you for sharing this...continued prayers for each of you and may God's comforting balm be upon your grieving hearts.
Much love!

Kari said...

Wow. What a powerful post. Tears...
If that doesn't make you a believer, I don't know what will. God bless you Grandma Jo! And thank you Chrissie for continuing your work here on earth.

Holly said...

Cassie, I call them Holy Spirit bumps :) Or Holy Ghost-bumps :)
Yes, I cry every time I come here.
WHO BUT GOD could take such a painful and seemingly tragic situation and use it for such good and for His glory?
NONE but God!
Chrissie was such a tremendous vessel that He used and I cannot wait to meet her.
Thank you as always Lorraine for sharing Chrissie's life and legacy with the world!!
To God be the glory great things He has done and IS doing!!
Holly from Purpose Driven Family

Lori said...

What an AWESOME testimony, Jo!! I imagine Princess Chrissie is absolutely REJOICING that she taught *Grandma Jo* to boss her heart! God Bless you... Lori

Tay said...

Jo, that is just amazing! Princess Chrissie, you touched and changed live while you were here, but now with His help you are SAVING lives from heaven!
I can not wait to meet you all in heaven and give every single one of you a BIG hug!
Jo, I am in NSW!!!! How amazing is it that we are so close :)
God is mighty to save, and so is precious Chrissie!!!!
Prayin for ya'll xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a testimony, Jo! We just finished up Vacation Bible School so I automatically think of you learning the "ABC's of Becoming A Cristian". A:Accept B:Believe and C:Confess! Simple! And coming so close to eternity without knowing exactly where you would spend it is frightening to me! If you are like me and you stumbled onto this blog and learned about Chrissie's amazing life and family, perhaps it wasn't by accident. I mean, did you ever think your own heart would suddenly stop beating? I rest in the assurance that if that happened to me, I would soar to heaven to meet Jesus face to face. No question! You can too, Jo! How wonderful to think sweet Chrissie is leading people to know Christ! Thank you for sharing. No telling who else this testimony will impact.


Alice said...

Wow! Lorraine I am so proud of you for reaching out through your own grief to witness to Jo. May you be richly blessed for your love and faithfulness.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for Jo!!! Praise God that He is reaching out and bringing Jo to Him :)

Amy said...

Precious and exactly what it's all about. Love you and always praying for you guys.

Lisa said...

Chrissie is still working her magic from God's house. Still bringing people to Christ I love it. I miss Chrissie, but I know the Lord is being entertained by Chrissie and loving her. We will see her one day and she will have so much to tell us I am so excited for that day.
Love you and praying for you and the family still.

Anonymous said...

...I am attempting this again, as the WEB page bumped me off!!

If annonymous, 'Grama Jo' from Australia did not get a 'Boss your Heart' necklace, I would love to send her mine! It sounds like she has that 'Boss your Heart' connection to Chrissie. Please let me know if I can share this from one of Chrissie's friends and prayer warriors to another...Kerry @
Chrissie has moved mountains!

Tay said...

How nice of the person who offered to give Jo their necklace! I would just like to tell you all how badly I wanted to get a necklace and when I got the chance to it was too late, all sold out! When Chrissie passed away my sister saw how upset I was. She went and bought me and silver necklace with a gold swirl down the middle and got it ingrved with 'boss your heart'. I cryed when she gave it too me and then she said ' I only knew Chrissie through what you told me but I knew you loved her and I knew she was telling me to do this for you'! Just wanted to share and maybe if you couldnt get a necklace when you wanted to, do the same?
Praying for ya'll at forgotten saw ranch! Xoxox

Tay said...

Hi lorraine, I wanted you to take a look at this, I hope you and your family are interested in writing a letter to Oscar to help raise DS awarness and share your love with Ozzy,anyone elce interessed please take a look at my blog, it has a link to my fb page for 'a letter to Oscar'...
I hope you smile when you read this guys :)

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