Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Conference

We had the privilege of attending The Baby Conference in San Antonio last weekend where Michelle Duggar (19 Kids and Counting) was awarded the Mother of the Year award.  We are grateful for the gift that the Phillips Family of Vision Forum (who hosted the event) gave our family when they asked us to attend as their guests.  It was such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by families who all wholeheartedly believe that children are a blessing, a reward from Him.  Thank you Phillips Family for your generous gift to our family and for your ministry of proclaiming the Truth from His Word about children, biological and adopted.  All are precious in His sight.
Here is Michelle Duggar receiving her Mother of the Year award.  She is such a humble, gentle, meek, mild, loving, wise woman of faith.  We adore her, and we were so blessed to be seated directly behind Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar at the event.  They are every bit as precious in real life as they are on their shows.  Then again, their shows ARE their real lives! :-)

We had the privilege of having tea with Michelle Duggar...what a special treat!

Our sweet baby-loving friends, The Robertsons, attended the tea with us. 
(Thanks to the stranger who took our photo so that Mom could actually be in the picture for a change!)

Doug Phillips' daughters, Jubilee and Liberty, served alongside their dad in Haiti after the quake.  They spent a lot of time at HCRM, the orphanage where Nahomie lived.  Nahomie was really excited to see her friends in the Lord who came alongside her in Haiti and welcomed her with love here in Texas!

I LOVE this photo!  The shirts that we're all wearing can be purchased at 147 Million Orphans online, and purchases help feed and care for orphans around the world!  This particular shirt supports Project Hopeful, an advocacy for HIV+ orphans.  The back of the shirt says "Chosen 1".  We get more questions and compliments on these shirts than anything I've ever worn.  Amazing how God works like that!  Click HERE to check out the cute gear they have in support of orphans.  Thanks 147 Million Orphans mommies for starting this's working!

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