Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chrissie's Heart Surgery is POSTPONED!

Chrissie’s surgery has been postponed because an acceptable homograft (AKA "cadaver part") that they need for her has not yet become available. It is my understanding that Chrissie will have a cadaver pulmonary artery installed in her heart (since she was born without one), along with some other “parts”, which have to be added to the pulmonary artery, and her cardiosurgeon has not yet felt comfortable with any of the homografts that have become available over the last couple of months. Chrissie’s homograft order was placed back in November, 2009, and several homografts have become available since then, but none of those have been acceptable for use in Chrissie’s heart. I’m not sure what all of the specific requirements are, but I know the cardiosurgeon is being very cautious about which homograft t he accepts for use in repairing Chrissie’s heart, which is a good thing, given she has so many heart defects and pulmonary issues.

So, Chrissie remains on the waiting list for her homograft, but her cardiologist said that her health is stable in the meantime. We know that God has all of these details already planned out, right down to the specific homograft and the date of Chrissie’s surgery, so we have no need to worry or fret. We will just patiently wait for Him to disclose the details to us. Waiting develops patience, and I am always in need of opportunities to practice patience! :-)

As far as prayers go, we aren’t really sure what to pray, other than God’s will be done in His perfect timing, of course. Praying for this part to become available means that a “healthy” child of similar size to Chrissie must pass away, so that is not a prayer we feel really want to pray. We just ask for God’s good and perfect will to be done in His perfect timing, and we always trust in His omniscience and sovereignty. We have no control, which is a good thing. We want all glory to be given to our amazing God, the Lord of Healing, Jehovah Rapha.

We’ve been told that we will be called the moment an acceptable homograft arrives, and Chrissie will be able to have her surgery within a week or so if its arrival. We don’t know if the wait will be days, weeks, or months, but we know our Jehovah Rapha knows, and we will definitely let everyone know just as soon as we hear something.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we are so grateful for your prayers!

PS If you have a blog, please post Chrissie's prayer button (below or over on the right of my blog) on your blog. It is so heavy on my heart that Chrissie needs as many prayers as possible lifted to Him on her behalf, and getting her button out there will help spread the word to prayer warriors around the world. A Reece's Rainbow volunteer made the button for Chrissie, right down to Chrissie's specifications of having scrolls and pink! We are so blessed! Thanks Lucille! (Oh, the button will automatically update with the new surgery date once we are given that info. Lucille is going to change the button to say "Winter of 2010" as the surgery date for now.)

To Grab This Button

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The Mac's House said...

Woohoo! I grabbed the button and posted it for you. I am praying for this little girl. After reading about her heart and all that she will need to go thru I am truly inspired by her. PLease know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. So thankful to God that she remains in stable condition.

Kelly said...

I grabbed the button too! She is SO adorable! What a trooper! Love the family pics, we are farmers too! :)

Susan said...

Your family and Chrissie especially will be in my thoughts and prayers. I grabbed the button as well. :)

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