Monday, February 18, 2013

Who Watched This?

The video above (watch it HERE if it’s not working above) is a recording of Dr. Ben Carson’s live speech given at the National Prayer Breakfast.  I don’t usually talk politics, but this has me outraged. 


Dr. Ben Carson is the world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon who Selah saw at Johns Hopkins Hospital in November 2012.


If you watch the video (or already saw it live), you will notice that Obama doesn’t seem very happy to be listening to Dr. Carson.  In fact, I felt that he was downright disrespecting Dr. Carson.  He doesn’t clap for him, he doesn’t welcome him, he doesn’t laugh at his jokes, he wipes the sleep out of the corners of his eyes repeatedly.  An attitude of total disrespect. 


Watching this made me want to cry.  As a Christian, I want to love the way Christ did, extending love and grace to those who ruffle my feathers, but I’m having a hard time mustering up these feelings for our president after I watched the way he disrespected Dr. Carson, a distinguished, godly man who was invited to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast.


It doesn’t matter which political party you identify with, this type of public disrespect is disheartening.  Dr. Carson was INVITED to speak.  Having met Dr. Ben Carson in person, having read his books, having watch his movie, I feel like I know this man, I adore his heart.  He is humble and wise and compassionate.  It truly crushed my heart to see our president disrespect Dr. Carson in this manner. 


Watching this video made me decide that I’m going to pray for Dr. Ben Carson to become our next president.  He’s retiring from his neurosurgery practice this summer.  Oh, what a difference he could make to bring our nation back to its roots, the foundation set by our forefathers.

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